Dolphin Show 3pm daily – Adult




Visit the Dophinarium where they have a large family of dolphins that have become their main protagonists.  Offering you the opportunity to see one of the dolphins shows most critically acclaimed, where these spectacular dolphins display all his skills in a carefully choreography, accompanied by their trainers.

You will enjoy their acrobatics, dizzying jumps and incredible skills all at the perfect time to the music, a dynamicand harmonious performance that will amaze young and old.

And if you want to be closer to them, you make a picture with one of our dolphins, so you never forget this day.

The Sealion ,Seal and Dolphin Show starts at 15:00 and lasts for an hour. Swimming with dolphin starts either at 11 am or right after the Show at 16.00. If you choose not to watch the Show you can come just for swimming at the given time.From 4 years old everybody can swim with a dolphin alone with the help of trainers.

But we offer that you see the show of comic seals , amazing sealion and incredible dolphins. One person swims with a dolphin alone for 7-8 min (you will not share this dolphin with anyone!). You can choose to swim in a group of at least 4 with 1 dolphin for 20min.

While your kids ofr friends are swimming with a dolphin you can make your own pictures with your camera from the place which we show near the pool.

Also our professional photographer making your pictures if you want you can buy from them also after you do swimming.

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